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Specializing in Short and Long Term Commercial Storage & Critical Parts Stocking


Why Trust YOUR product with us?

  • Our services combine short and long term storage along with local distribution complimented by parcel or LTL shipments.
  • Our Employees are drug tested and background checked for security purposes prior to hiring.
  • Video monitors provide recorded surveillance throughout each building 24 hours a day.
  • All warehouses have state of the art alarm systems supported by quick armed response.

Accurate Warehouse Las Vegas

Warehouse and Storage in Las Vegas 6585 Escondido Street Ste B.
Las Vegas NV 89119
Phone: (702) 777-0300
Directions: Click Here

Distribution Services

Distribution Services

We receive your items by pallet or truckload and ship out any size quantity be it a single unit or a full truckload.
Long Term Storage

Long Term Warehousing

Equipped to store items for any duration, from storing trade show gear that ships once a year to construction materials that are in a holding pattern.
Critical Parts Distribution

Critical Parts Distribution

Our team of professionals have you covered 24/7. A "Hot Shot" shipment of your item can reach any location throughout the United States and Canada.
Cross Dock Service

Cross Dock Service

We offer cross docking services to truckload carriers or logistics companies that require storage for a few hours to a few days.